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Resveratrol Liquid Concentrate


  • Look years younger
  • Keeps your heart strong by lowering the bad cholesterol
  • Drive up your energy


  • Look years younger – This tasty and highly bio-available resveratrol supplement keeps you nourished with plenty of antioxidants and rewards you with an alluring radiance, youthful wrinkle-free skin, and beautiful hair.
  • Drive up your energy – Feel young and stay healthy! Your daily exposure to toxins and pollution may cause an excess free radical build-up in your body. Feel the difference as our OPC-rich resveratrol liquid fights them off.
  • Keeps your heart strong by lowering the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein or LDL). This resveratrol red wine promotes your heart health by reducing the risk of blood vessel damage, inflammation, and blood clotting.
  • Why us? Because of the high potency liquid difference – Our Resveratrol supplement has a high potency. We have made it in an OPC-rich liquid form because the liquid form is rapidly absorbed. Much more so than the tablets and capsules.
  • Zero side effects, zero worries – With special consideration in selecting each ingredient, the MapelLife Resveratrol Red Wine supplement is formulated with premium ingredients at the right dosages to make certain that no adverse effects result. It is completely safe to consume regularly and does not have any side effects.