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Xtreme Antler





Velvet antlers are named after the soft, velvet-like covering that deer or elk antlers have before they get calcified. The life-enhancing properties of velvet antlers have been known throughout the East for thousands of years, where it has traditionally been used for the treatments of impotence, arthritis, high blood pressure and weakness caused by illness or stress.

In recent years, the positive effects of velvet antlers have been greatly recognized amongst athletes due to its ability to enhance athletic performance. Several studies have been done to uncover the performance-enhancing effects of antlers through its ability to improve blood circulation and increase blood volume. One study reported New Zealand volunteer athletes taking velvet antlers experienced improved strength and more rapid recovery after exercise. Awareness of the uses of velvet antlers has benefited many athletes around the world. Velvet antlers also work to slow joint degeneration, stimulate joint repair, improves immune system function, and act as an immune modulator.