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Harp Seal Oil 500mg 300 Softgels (Not Available for US Customers)


Harp Seal Oil products can not be delivered to US!


Harp Seal Oil is recognized as one of the best source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, as it not only contains EPA and DHA, but also DPA. About a third of the long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids circulating in the human blood is the result of DPA, which are the most important of the essential fatty acid family in maintaining soft, plaque-free arterial walls. Harp seal oil is also more stable than fish oil, and less vulnerable to the natural process of oxidation.

  • Custom Harp Seal Formula: MapleLife employs a team of research scientists, clinical laboratory technicians and health care professionals to custom formulate Harp Seal Oil Softgels that are supplements for you and your family;
  • GMP Ceritifed Facility: Each harp seal fish oil supplement is produced in our good manufacturing practices (GMP) certified facility, and adheres to and surpasses any and all health Canada regulations’
  • Best in class ingredients and technology: MapleLife invests hundreds of dollars every year to ensure our Harp Seal Supplement Collections are using the best ingredients and technology.