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Children’s Vision Chewables

(9 customer reviews)


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Chewable Goodness that helps to maintain kids’ eyesight and Immune function


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Chewable goodness that helps to maintain kids’ eyesight and immune function!!!

From demanding schoolwork to hours spent playing on their cell phones, to fun gaming sessions on their beloved consoles, kids nowadays are even more susceptible to eye strain than adults. Protect their precious developing eyesight with MapleLife’s Vision Chewables, suitable for ages 4-18 years. Containing a blend of vitamin A and beta-carotene, MapleLife’s Vision Chewables are deliciously milk flavored, contain no sugar or gluten, and help to maintain eyesight and night vision. Health Canada registered NPN 80079698.

9 reviews for Children’s Vision Chewables

  1. Jessica G.

    It worked very well on my son’s eyesight and immune system as well. Today, many kids have eye problems and It’s becoming more serious each day. This child-friendly product was amazing and more than good for their eyes. I would recommend this to every parent.

  2. Jislan Tori

    I wanted to give my daughter something natural and healthy. I was advised that I should take more care of her eyes. These chewables helped in her eyesight and stomach as well. Thank you for this quality product.

  3. E. R.

    I got this supplement for my son and this supplement does exactly what it says it would. It’s
    worked well for him with noticeable improvements. Highly recommended.

  4. H. J.

    My children and I, Both are happy with the product. Taste and Health! Great work Maplelife.

  5. J K

    My daughter started taking this a month ago and there are very good improvements.
    Highly Recommended.

  6. Y D

    Helped so much in the immune functioning of my son. Recommended!

  7. E T

    Truly a Goodness!

  8. K T

    Highly impressed by this product from maplelife.

  9. R N

    Glad that I bough this product for my children. Safe and works extremely well.

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