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BCAA 100% Instant


100% instant BCAA rich in essential amino acids the body needs to prevent muscle breakdown. An unflavored blend that can be added to drinks and smoothies helps to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and…


Maplelife’s 100% instant BCAA formula is pharmaceutical graded blend of three BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), L-leucine, L-valine, and L-isoleusine. The product helps to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and encourage muscle recovery following a resistance training regiment. BCAA supplements are best used half hour pre-workout and during workout. It is an unflavored blend that can be added to drinks and smoothies

Amino acids are important building block for our body, especially for muscles synthesis. Essential amino acids can be only acquired through diet. BCAA is subset of essential amino acids. BCAAs are considered essential since they cannot be made by the human body, only obtained through diet. BCAAs make up of up to 40% of total essential amino acids in the body. There are approximately 18% found in the muscles. Majority of BCAAs are broken down in the muscles and play an improtant role in energy production during exercise. Some human studies on BCAAs showed improves physical performance and reduce fatigue effect after exercise, especially taking during the exercise. Supplement of BCAAs in endurance athletes can protect muscle tissue, delay central fatie and maintain mental performance.

MapleLife is a well reputed company for making quality supplements for more than 10 years. Maplelife’s BCAA formula is known as clean formula and contains no fillers or additives